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Member Choice Vacations®

Member Choice Vacations®

Ready to plan your next dream vacation? When you want to hike around the world, feel the salt spray of the sea or tour some of the most stunning ancient sights, AAA Member Choice Vacations® is your go-to, trusted travel partner. If you’re a history buff dying to see ancient ruins in person, a culinary foodie wanting to taste decadent dishes around the world or an outdoor lover wanting to hike and swim, AAA Member Choice Vacations has hand-selected the best tours in the world. 

Partner AAA Member Benefit AAA Vacations® Amenity 
Member Choice Vacations $50 per person savings* $50 per person excursion credit, $75 for exotic 

*Terms and Conditions Apply

As a AAA member, you enjoy exclusive deals and discounts on vacation packages from trusted travel partners, making it easy and affordable for you to plan your next adventure. Travel doesn’t have to break the bank, and with deals through AAA, your next dream vacation is closer than you think. 

Why AAA Member Choice Vacations®? 

Sip wine in the Chianti region of Italy. Sleep under the stars in Kenya. Cruise through the Swiss Alps. Stroll through the Pyramids of Giza. Wherever you want to go, AAA Member Choice Vacations® is ready when you are with an expert-guided tour of continents around the world. As a AAA Vacations® member, AAA Member Choice Vacations® combines the best of both worlds - traveling to the most exciting places at an unbeatable price. In Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia, AAA helps you embark on the trip of a lifetime guided by experts. Expert-crafted itineraries await, and our travel agents work tirelessly to sort through experiences and attractions in each location to ensure you explore the best of the best. 

Why choose AAA Member Choice Vacations® for your next trip? 

Thousands of AAA members choose to travel through our guided adventures from Member Choice Vacations® each year. Here are just a few reasons why travelers book again and again. 

  • Unbeatable prices: Traveling the world is no longer just for the rich and famous. With your AAA membership, you get access to unbeatable discounts and savings on AAA tours, helping you save money. Plus, we regularly run specials and promotions on specific tours at certain times of the year, saving you even more. Take that extra money in your pocket, and immerse yourself in local culture, shopping, food and wine and more when you’re on your trip. Maybe even bring home some extra souvenirs for your friends! 

  • Expertly planned itineraries: Travel agents have been around the world a time or two, so they know the best way to travel in each region. Insider tips and tricks help you make the most of each day, like skipping the line at Edinburg Castle or heading out early to explore the African plains. No time is wasted, and you’ll experience behind-the-curtain magic and off-the-beaten path sights, giving you the best memories each day. However, you won’t feel rushed or pressured to be on the go every minute, giving you time to relax and recharge throughout the day.  

  • The best destinations: Want to explore vacation destinations by interests like history, trains, wildlife, culinary, theatre and theatre and outdoor activities? Search through dozens of AAA Member Choice Vacations® that include guided tours, independent explorations, river cruises and rail journeys. Top highlights include a river cruise of the Nile from “ Treasures of Egypt” where you can tour the homes of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. “ Winter in Yellowstone” takes you into one of the most remote, brutal areas of North America to see caribou, wolves and more wildlife. “A Taste of Vietnam” allows you to sample local delicacies and enjoy homemade, authentic cuisine - and these are just a few of the tours out of dozens of options!  

  • Worry-free travel: The worst part of a vacation? Figuring out the logistics! Booking through AAA Member Choice Vacations® means accommodations, transportation, attractions and some meals are taken care of. Ditch the headache and let AAA’s travel agents get you to and from your destination. Hassle-free travel means you can focus on your vacation experience - not train schedules and hotel checkouts. Focus on making memories and let us take care of the rest.  

These are only a few of the reasons AAA Member Choice Vacations® hosts some of the best vacations on each continent. See the best of each region with perfectly curated itineraries that allow you to do the most without any of the nitty-gritty planning. 

AAA Member Choice Vacations®: Your Vacation Partners 

Trusted by thousands of AAA members like you, AAA Member Choice Vacations® helps curate the experience of a lifetime for you and your family. From unbeatable pricing to worry-free travel, you simply can’t beat booking through AAA. Plus, with experts guiding you through intimate experiences off the beaten path, you’ll immerse yourself in authentic, local attractions, food and dining and culture in a way like never before. 

When you travel the world, you want your tour company to be accessible and trusted, especially when you’re exploring somewhere you’ve never been. AAA travel agents are there for you every step of the way, from takeoff to landing to any hiccup in between. Our extensive network of travel resources offers peace of mind, and we work with top vendors and hosts in each region to ensure the highest quality experience. 

Travel creates one-of-a-kind memories for any age group, and seeing the world allows you to learn and grow from people with different backgrounds and upbringings. Children are exposed to different ways of life, and for adults, traveling boosts your confidence and independence. Travel brings out the best in people and provides new perspectives and understandings of the world. So, the next time you want to adventure out of your comfort zone, check out AAA Member Choice Vacations®. 

Plan Your Next Vacation with AAA! 

Ready to start planning your dream vacation? AAA Vacations® offers exclusive perks and values not found anywhere else. Our team of experienced AAA travel agents is here to help every step of the way. 

Contact your local AAA Travel Agent today to book your next adventure and start planning the trip of a lifetime.